Off-topic: Arsenal 1, West Ham 0

Arsenal win again.

Matt Asay Contributing Writer
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Matt Asay

Yet another win for the youngest side in Europe, this time over the West Ham bogeymen. Even last year's bogeymen can't beat this year's superstars, however, and Arsenal rubbed the Hammers' collective noses in the pitch.

The goal came from an early header from Robin van Persie, keeping Arsenal at the top of the table. The victory was made all the sweeter by Chelsea's continued slide into irrelevance, with a 0-0 draw at home against Fulham. When the overpriced Chelsea stars can't beat a few miserly paid Americans (Fulham has the largest collection of Yankees outside the US), the end of the line is near for them.

Liverpool managed to scrape a win over Wigan while, as I type, Manchester United looks likely to keep ahead of Birmingham on a mistake at the back by Birmingham (gifting a goal to Ronaldo). Not a bad week, all in all....

All of which makes this autograph from Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis all the funnier. A friend of mine bumped into him at the airport, and obviously influenced this anti-Arsenal screed. Given what I think of Real Salt Lake (not much), this can only bode well for Arsenal. :-)