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Off-topic: Arsenal 1, Sevilla 3 (Champions League)


It's a sad day here in Whoville. Arsenal didn't need to win today's Champions League match. They're already through to the Group of 16. In many ways, the only thing they were playing for was pride and to maintain their unbeaten run.

Well, they got their tails kicked, and deservedly so. Senderos was amazingly fragile at the back; Gilberto leaked the midfield like a sieve; and Fabregas may be injured. There was no fluency to the Arsenal side, much of it stemming from a dormant midfield. They were lucky to leave Seville with only three goals against them, as Sevilla wasted several chances in front of goal.

Arsenal need to figure out how to win without Fabregas and dearly need to ensure it has more striking options than Adebayor. When the announcer says that Arsenal was foolish to not play Adebayor, something is seriously wrong.

We'll beat Aston Villa on Saturday, of course, but it was disappointing to see them play as if pride weren't enough to drive them forward. It should be.