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Off-Axis Watch makes my brain crooked

By twisting the face of this watch 30 degrees clockwise, the designer has made a new enemy of Yours Truly for life.

Make. It. Stop.

I like watches. I'm wearing a particularly attractive watch right now. It's great because it tells time, and it looks good doing it. Then my editor sent me this Off-Axis Watch designed by Eric Janssen for Areaware and now I want to throw my computer out the window.

It's not that it's not an attractive watch--it's minimalism is quite stunning, actually--it's that the twelve o'clock position is not where I'm used to seeing the twelve o'clock position. Nor is the one at the usual one spot or the nine at the usual nine spot.

In fact, the entire face of the watch is rotated clockwise 30 degrees, and it aggravates me to no end. The idea is that by shifting the top of the watch face like this wearers don't have to bend their elbow like Dr. Emmett Brown and thus can read the time in a more ergonomically natural way.

Some people might find this to be a really cool idea. Not me. Why would my editor do this to me? I just want to fix it. There must be a way to fix it. Mustn't there?

I'm not OCD about much (except making sure my socks match and my white MacBook is spotless), but by god I can't stop thinking about this thing. They could have made a fine, high-quality watch with a regular face but instead they want me to lose sleep.

Some of you people out there are really out to get me, just as I suspected. The rest of you can join the conspiracy for $175.