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Of Human Action

Three universes walk into a bar: Harry Potter, Star Wars and the MCU. Just kidding this isn't a showdown episode (though there is some trivia at the end!), instead it's a guest star episode.

Jaap Buitendijk

Jeremy and Caitlin love talking at each other, but we also love having our friends join us for some witty (ish) banter. This week we invited Product Manager Liza Maloy to join us for some millennial chatter (and to shameless plug the Holiday Gift Guide) and to point out our errors. This episode is very fetch.

Since our guest is a Harry Potter fan, we spent a little time talking about that universe and how excited she and Caitlin are for "Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them" (hint: it's not a little). Then, we pitted that universe against the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the news of the new Inhumans TV show.

For a jam-packed episode we threw in a quick detour down the "Westworld" rabbit hole? Sans spoilers of course. Finally we channeled our best filmic interpretation of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" with some trivia and learned a little in the process.

Of Human Action (s2e7)

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