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Woo-who! Famous 'Doctor Who' phrase joins Oxford dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary embraces the time-traveling adventures of the Doctor's favorite gadget.

Welcome to the OED, sonic screwdriver.

The Oxford English Dictionary appears ready to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow with an announcement welcoming the term "sonic screwdriver" from "Doctor Who" into its official lexicon.

The OED offers up this definition: "sonic screwdriver n. chiefly Science Fiction a (hand-held) electronic device which uses sound waves to perform various mechanical and technical function." Apparently, 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi's sonic sunglasses didn't make the cut.

Saturday's OED announcement notes how the sonic screwdriver has come to signify "a type of ultimate tool of the future."

"Sonic screwdriver" will join the new edition of the OED when the edition's released this June. The Doctor's trusty tool won't be alone inside the famed dictionary. It will join its related sci-fi brethren "Tardis," "Dalek" and "cyberman."