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OCZ intros 1TB solid-state drive for cool $4,000

OCZ introduces Colossus LT Series 3.5-inch solid state hard drives.

Eventually, solid-state hard drives will be as common and affordable as traditional platter drives are today. Until then, vendors can capitalize on the high prices associated with SSDs to generate a bit of news. OCZ, for example, surely doesn't expect to sell high volumes of its new 3.5-inch Colossus LT solid-state drives, which top out at 1TB for $4,000. But if it won't sell many of those high priced SSDs, OCZ will certainly welcome the media attention that will come from the inordinately high price-to-capacity ratio.

OCZ's new Colossus LT 3.5-inch solid-state drive offers up to 1TB of storage space. OCZ

Of course, we're complicit in writing about the drive. We'll even bite at the staggering difference in cost-per-gigabyte ratio between the 1TB Colossus LT ($4 per gigabyte), and the average $90 1TB platter hard drive on NewEgg (about $0.09 per gigabyte). OCZ's pricing is even high compared with the going rate for the average $275 128GB SSD, which comes to roughly $2.13 per gigabyte.

Perhaps OCZ's pricing is more than just a publicity stunt. Possibly it's because of the Colossus LT's 3.5-inch design, which is larger than the traditional 2.5-inch SSD. Regardless, OCZ competitors Corsair, Kingston, Patriot, or some other vendor, will likely introduce their own 1TB SSDs before too long, which should bring prices down both at the high-end, and hopefully drive prices down for lower capacity drives as well.