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Nyko's new Wiimote charging station

Kotaku looks at some new gaming accessories coming from Nyko, including a much-needed Nintendo Wii Remote charging station.

The Nintendo Wii is fun, but its controller eats up batteries like nobody's business. Once you get hooked on Wii Sports or Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you'll probably spend as much on AAs as you spent on the system itself before you even notice. Finally, peripheral manufacturer Nyko (not to be confused with R2-D2 manufacturer Nikko) has unveiled a solution.

Kotaku and GameTrailers recently posted a video highlighting some of Nyko's upcoming products. Most of these gadgets were lackluster, like stylii for the Nintendo DS or fans for the PlayStation 3, but one device shown above the others: a charging dock for the Nintendo Wii Remote. The station can charge up to two Wiimotes at the same time, using two included NiMH battery packs that replace the AA batteries normally used in the remotes. As a bonus, the battery packs have textured grips rather than the smooth plastic of the remotes' battery covers, making the remotes a little easier to hold onto and not throw into televisions. The Nyko Wii Remote battery station will ship later this month and will cost about $30.