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Nyko unveils four new accessories at E3

Nyko has announced four new accessories for video game consoles and portable systems at E3.

8X zoom for your DSi.

Hot off the heels of the company's Wand accessory release for the Nintendo Wii, video game accessory manufacturer Nyko debuted three new products at this year's E3 convention.

The Zoom Case for Nintendo DSi is certainly the most interesting DSi accessory we've seen yet, boasting an 8X zoom lens attachment. The protective case is textured for a better grip on the system and the zoom lens itself can be detached and transported in a case of its own. Good thing for that or this accessory would have removed the "portable" feature of the DSi.

For those PSP owners not choosing to upgrade to the new PSP Go, the Charge Flex Grip will provide your handheld (the PSP-2000 or the 3000) with an improved grip as well as up to 1.5 times more play with an embedded rechargeable battery. More high-res photos await!

Ever wanted to let the whole room participate in voice-chat during an Xbox Live match? The SpeakerCom 360 will allow you to do just that, essentially providing a speakerphone-like experience. Of course, the system includes an in-ear headset as well, but we think it'll be nice to have the option not to wear one.

Finally, Nyko has announced the first-ever product to take advantage of the Wand's Trans-Port technology. The Type Pad Pro for Wii will allow for full QWERTY input functionality using a wireless USB dongle. When used with the Wand, you'll be able to scroll and navigate through Web pages and Mii messages much more quickly than with a standard Wii remote.

Unfortunately, no release dates or prices have been disclosed for these products, but when Nyko does, we'll update this post accordingly. Out of all the new products, which one are you most likely to use?

The Charge Flex Grip. Nyko

The Type Pad Pro for Wii. Nyko