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Nvidia to make all your PC games 3D (if you so choose)

Beginning this summer, any PC with an Nvidia graphics processor will be able to make any game 3D--with the help of those dorky glasses, anyway.

Thanks to a new software driver Nvidia is cooking up, any PC game can be played in 3D, with no extra work on the part of game developers.

Beginning this summer, any PC with an Nvidia graphics processor will have the ability to run a game in normal mode, or in 3D, with the aid of 3D glasses.

Nvidia 3D glasses
Nvidia's Drew Henry models the working prototype of 3D glasses. Erica Ogg/CNET

The software driver will enable the ability to have two views--left eye and right eye--which, at the push of a button, appear blurry and pixelated to the naked eye. When viewed through 3D lenses though, the game pops into three-dimensional mode.

The important part is that game developers won't have to do anything differently. They just continue to make their games the way they want, and Nvidia will take care of the rest. It's just an option for gamers though--it doesn't mean all games have to be three-dimensional.

The challenge for Nvidia is making the glasses widely available at retail, as well as turning the silly-looking lenses into something actually cool and "not as geeky-looking," said Drew Henry, general manager of the company's Media Communications Processor (MCP) group.

And yes, they promise the final product will be much cooler than the glasses pictured above.