NV Mobile launches watch phones in Australia--meh

Adelaide-based NV Mobile is out with its own range of watch phones, but we think we'll hold out for the LG Watch Phone instead.

Damian Koh
NV Mobile Watches
Pictured, from left, are the NV Motch, NV Sports Pro, and NV Smart Watch. NV Mobile

The LG Watch Phone was the buzz at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month. Now Adelaide-based NV Mobile is taking on Australia with its own range of watch phones.

The OZ outfit, which also manufactures handsets in traditional form factors, has three models listed on its Web site. Designs range from childish (NV Motch) to tacky (NV Smart Watch with dial pad on the wristband), and prices begin at $249 for the former to the priciest of the lot, the Smart Watch for $410. Basic features include touch-screen displays, onboard cameras, music players, 3G, and Bluetooth, and they will work with any network provider Down Under.

Our CNET Australia colleague was at the launch recently and quoted NV Mobile's CEO Anthony Cook as saying, "We're putting things into phones that don't exist yet...things that will amaze you." We can't wait to see.

In the meantime, I think I'll hold out for the LG Watch Phone.

(Via Crave Asia)