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Nutty '24' fan legally changes name to 'Jack Bauer'

For real!

Don't mess with Jack Bauer

I thought that 24 fandom had gone a little bit too far when I heard about the shot-pounding "Jack Bauer Power Hour" viewing parties at various urban bars, but this one really takes the cake. A "computer expert" in the U.K. has changed his name to Jack Bauer, according to Geeksugar. Apparently his given name, Tim Annan, really wasn't doing it for him.

We here at Crave highly encourage you not to do dumb things like change your name as a tribute to a TV show--even though it took me hours the other day to convince fellow Craver Mike Yamamoto that he doesn't want to legally become "Dwight Schrute"--but that doesn't mean you can't show your love for 24 by stocking up on cool Bauer-worthy gadgets. Some of our previous highlights:

--Taking a look at Uncrate's 24 gadget inventory

--You can buy Bauer's overpriced watch

--Nuke-proof USB device

--An alarm clock that you need to disarm


Personally, I think that could settle the "I need to be like Jack Bauer" addiction of pretty much any relatively sane 24 fan.