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Now you, too, can be Katy Perry's Super Bowl Left Shark

If there's one thing Seahawks and Patriots fans agree on, it's that Katy Perry's Left Shark really won the Super Bowl. This Indiegogo campaign is selling shark suits so we can all dress up like our new finned hero.

The shark on the left, hereafter known as Left Shark, was the Super Bowl MVP in many people's eyes. Video screenshot by Eric Mack / CNET

If you watched the Super Bowl halftime show Sunday, you probably know about Left Shark, who awkwardly danced next to Katy Perry and didn't look particularly enthusiastic while doing it. If Tom Brady was the MVP of the actual Super Bowl, Left Shark was the MVP of the Super Bowl halftime show.

Indeed, Left Shark is one of the best memes to come out of 2015 so far, and a new Indiegogo campaign is banking on that success by selling shark suits so that we can all be Left Shark. Those who decide to back the project and purchase a suit don't need to worry about learning any complicated dance moves. Just put the shark suit on, put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care.

The campaign was put together by David Lam, an environmental engineer who says all profits from shark suit sales will be donated to an environmentally focused charity like the World Wildlife Fund or the Wildlife Conservation Society. Backers will ultimately decide which charity gets the money, likely via a survey after the campaign is over. The suits are expected to retail for $99, but early backers can snag one for $89. They are expected to ship to backers in May 2015, with US shipping included.

Not to miss the Left Shark wave, menswear company Bonobos has set up a landing page where people can express interest in a shark costume. If enough do, Bonobos says it will probably launch a crowdfunding campaign.

The Indiegogo project has already received double its $5,000 fundraising goal with 28 days left to go. So, assuming the project pans out, you'll already have secured your Halloween costume for this year. And, since Left Shark didn't bother to learn the right dance moves, neither should you. Just flail your arms and legs about in various directions like our beloved finned Super Bowl MVP, and your costume will be complete.