Harry Potter wannabes can now enroll in real-life Hogwarts

The College of Wizardry re-creates the fictional school in an immersive experience at the Czocha Castle in Poland.

Alright all you live-action role players (LARPers) out there. Pack your bags and get ready to finally attend a real-life Hogwarts.

The College of Wizardry is a fan-made event that re-creates the Hogwarts experience for all the would-be wizards who've been desperately waiting for their invitation to the fictional school. As many as 114 LARPers can take on the roles of students and professors at the College of Wizardry, and attendees are provided a wizard robe, study book and a tie in their assigned house color that they must wear for the full four-day curriculum.

The event is put on by volunteers from Denmark and Poland and sponsored by LARP organizing groups Liveform and Rollespils Fabrikken. It costs €280 (about $347, £222, AU$416) for a four-day session that includes meals and lodging at the Czhocha Castle in Poland.

The inaugural event was held in early November (check out pictures on the event page) and drew nearly 200 LARPers from 11 different countries. The next term is set for April 9 through 12, and registration opens on December 11. You can register on the event page.

Of course, you'll have to arrange for transportation to the Czhocha Castle yourself, as the event organizers haven't quite figured out a way to get the Hogwarts Express up and running on Platform 9 3/4.

Expecto Patronum! You too can learn to cast spells at the College of Wizardry. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Entertainment Weekly)