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Now, this is how to use YouTube to create news

A Portuguese liquor brand sees an England soccer star getting kicked in the head in front of its ad at the stadium. So it capitalizes brilliantly, just in time for the Euro 2016 European soccer championship.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

So very clever.

Licor Beirão; YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You don't like soccer?

OK, you can go.

But wait. You like liquor, don't you?

Please stay then and consider the clever maneuverings of Portuguese liquor brand Licor Beirão.

It placed an ad alongside the field at a recent soccer match between England and Portugal.

During the game, a Portuguese player accidentally kicked England star Harry Kane in the head.

This happened right in front of the Licor Beirão ad.

Given that the Euro 2016 European soccer championship began Friday, the company thought it would capitalize on this dramatic piece of action. So it took to YouTube and created a video that's beautifully intelligent.

The company didn't want its liquor brand to be associated with, well, a headache.

So please watch a work of art that is so meticulously wise that you imagine the product must be too.

It takes the form of an apology letter, but it's so much more than that.

Though its governmental processes can sometimes resemble a 3-card trick with 17 cards, Portugal has a long history of entrepreneurship -- and excellence in food and drink.

On a recent visit, I experienced the astonishingly soulful creativity of 26-year-old Marco Silva at Lisbon's Raizes restaurant. (Sample: One night Silva announced that we'd be drinking only wine made by Portugal's finest women winemakers.)

At the Ervideira winery, I tasted not only invisible wine, but also wine that had been aged at the bottom of a lake.

Creativity is at the heart of many of Portugal's finest elements -- even its soccer team, one that enjoys the world's second best player (though he doesn't think so), Cristiano Ronaldo.

Licor Beirão's YouTube creativity has already enjoyed more than 327,000 views in three days.

Even more than that, in a place where comments are very often much worse than the things you hear at a soccer game, YouTubers are voluntarily saying nice things.