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Now on the runway in Milan: The Armani TV

Partnership with Samsung goes beyond phones.

Akihabara News

Open memo to our bosses: Crave needs to schedule an expense-account trip to Milan.

Last week we wrote of a Fujitsu laptop made of cedar that was showing at the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile exhibition (that's "International Furniture Fair" to you Philistines out there). And now we learn that Samsung and Armani--which have already collaborated to produced the designer's exclusive phone, of course--have debuted a jointly marketed HDTV at the event yesterday.

The LCD features 1080p resolution, 100Hz technology, and "a special 4-mode lighted power switch that customizes the display of the two companies' logos on the front of the television," according to Akihabara News. (Which is of paramount importance, after all, because this kind of thing is all about the branding.)

The set, which was displayed with 46- and 52-inch screens, will be available in Europe and South Korea this summer. But if you need an overcompensating designer TV before then, there are always models from other makers festooned with diamonds and rubies.