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Novint's 'Falcon' takes second flight

New version is black and has the option for interchangeable grips.

Novint Technologies

We initially thought the attraction to Novint's "Falcon" controller might be mostly superficial, piquing the interest of hard-core gamers with a bizarre design tha resembled a complicated outdoor lightbulb fixture. But it turned out to be the real deal as it lived up to its hype in hands-on testing by fellow Craver Jeff Bakalar.

That opinion is apparently shared by others in the marketplace, because Novint is introducing a new model in black and silver with an interchangeable grip for both standard and pistol versions, according to Coolest-Gadgets. The grip is particularly important for the Falcon because, as you may recall, the 3D controller is known for allowing players to virtually sense such things as motion, weight, texture, and dimension.

Novint's CEO says the black Falcoln is an "edgier aesthetic option," which isn't exactly going out on a limb considering that the original was white. But he probably focused on the color to downplay concerns about gunplay.