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Novint Falcon to swoop down on CompUSA

3D game controller that allows for virtual feeling will be available this October at retail chain.

Novint Falcon game controller.
Novint Falcon game controller.
Novint Technologies

NEW YORK--Novint Technologies' 3D virtual feeling game controller will be available at CompUSA stores this October, the company announced Thursday.

The Novint Falcon, which originally debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, creates a more realistic and natural experience of movement when playing video games. It allows players to virtually feel things like texture, weight, dimension, 3D motion and force.

The Novint Falcon will be available in October 2007 at CompUSA as a limited edition bundle package for $239. The package will include 24 games and a sports pack that includes bowling, table tennis, basketball and baseball. Like the Wii, the Falcon is an obvious companion to sports-oriented video games.

As part of the deal, each CompUSA store will host a demonstration model of the Falcon for customers to play with.