Novelty mice chase after kids

Logitech releases computer mice in ladybug and football models that are sized for smaller hands.

Logitech on Friday released two new computer mouse models targeted at children.

The Ladybug and Football mice are about two-thirds the size of regular models to fit into smaller hands, the company said.

The devices are based on optical technology so they have no ball and can work on most surfaces, Logitech said. They can be plugged into any PC via a USB port, without the need for loading any software. That means that children can plug in their own mouse when they use their parents' computers, the company said. However, the accompanying software needs to be installed if the owner wants to customize the mouse's left and right buttons, as well as its scroll wheel.

Technology companies have been altering their products to attract young users. Recently, a German PC maker released a system with a monitor shaped like Mickey Mouse. The Disney Dream Desk PC comes loaded with Disney-branded applications for children.

The Logitech mice will go on sale in the United States next week at a retail price of $19.95.