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Not all Wi-Fi radios can be a 'Chumby'

Intuit's "Grace" Wi-Fi radio gets 10,000 stations without any subscriptions.

Grace Digital Audio

Many times when an Internet radio appears on Crave, it's from Europe or some other galaxy far, far away (unless it's the most awesome "Chumby" or "Nabaztag," of course). So we always appreciate the opportunity to note that they do exist in the States too.

Case in point: Intuit's "Grace" digital radio is a desktop receiver that promises to stream more than 10,000 Internet stations through a Wi-Fi connection without any subscriptions. It also claims to have a "low distortion, high-quality sound" with "deep bass effect" for $200, which is cheaper than similar models on the market. Now if they can only design one that doesn't look like it came from a 1963 time machine.