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Norway's prime minister caught playing Pokemon Go in parliament

Gotta catch 'em all, even if you're also busy running a country. And come on, debates can get pretty boring.

Maybe you've done it too -- snuck a look at Farmville during an eternal conference call, or peeked at your Pokedex in a meeting.

You're in good company. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg got caught playing Pokemon Go during a debate in Oslo on Tuesday, and a photo of her doing just that appeared published in a newspaper for all to see, as The Guardian reports.

Solberg's love of the game is no secret. On a recent trip to Slovakia, she spent some of her free time hunting for Pokemon and also walking specifically to hatch some of the game's eggs. According to the English-language Norwegian news site The Local, she was previously a fan of Candy Crush.

American Pokemon players may be a little jealous of Solberg. With her devotion to the game and her location in Norway, she's likely to have a Mr. Mime in her Pokedex, the regional rare Pokemon believed to be found only in Europe.

Hey, Your Excellency, want to trade for a North America-specific Tauros?