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North American GSM Palm Pre gets Wi-Fi certification

A GSM Palm Pre for the North American markets gets certification from the Wi-Fi Board.

Screenshot by Bonnie Cha/CNET

We know that Sprint has the exclusive on the Palm Pre through 2009, but that never stops the rumor mill from kicking up stories about a Verizon Pre or a GSM version of the smartphone. Both, of course, aren't so much rumors but rather a matter of timing, and it looks like a GSM Palm Pre for North America is one step closer to reality after getting Wi-Fi certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

On Friday afternoon, Precentral.net got a tip from one of its readers that shows the Wi-Fi Interoperability Certificate (PDF) for the Palm Pre with the model number P100UNA. The reader points out things that match up in logic to the GSM Palm Treo Pro SKU, T850UNA, where the U is for UMTS and the NA stands for North America, so presumably this Pre will support North American 3G bands.

Now, the other question is whether this Pre is U.S. bound or whether it refers to the version launching with Canada's Bell Mobility on August 27, since, as Engadget Mobile points out, the carrier is making the transition from CDMA to GSM.