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Nook back on sale

After selling out over the winter holidays, Barnes & Noble's e-book reader is back online and is set to arrive in B&N stores by midweek.

Nook e-reader Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader, which sold out over the winter holidays, is available online once again, the company said Monday.

The Nook is also expected to show up in most B&N stores by midweek.

After running out of the e-readers over the holidays, Barnes & Noble said it kicked production into high gear so it could ship the Nook to its stores by this week--in time for the next gift-giving holiday: Valentine's Day.

Those interested in buying the reader locally can check the Nook in-store Locator to see if any neighborhood Barnes & Noble store has one. If not, you can order one online for $259 with free shipping. And in case you want to be doubly sure to get that Nook in time to woo your sweetheart, B&N is offering free 1- to 2-day air service for online purchases so that the e-reader arrives in time for V-Day.

The company recently launched Nook version 1.2, which sent several updates to the e-reader, including the ability to wirelessly browse books, magazines, and newspapers via Wi-Fi inside Barnes & Noble stores.

To mark Valentine's Day, Barnes & Noble is offering related content via Wi-Fi within its stores this month, including:

  • A short story by Adriana Trigiani featuring characters from her book, "Brava, Valentine."
  • A Valentine's Day recipe for red velvet cupcakes from Anne Byrn, the so-dubbed Cake Mix Doctor.
  • "Read Between the Wines," a regular feature by wine expert Kevin Zraly, which pairs books with wines.

The company said that in-store-only content will be updated each week. Nook readers can find out what's available by checking the More In Store page.