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Nokia's Ovi service revives the N-Gage gaming name

The much-maligned N-Gage gaming platform gets a revival as Nokia opens a mobile-gaming portal with N-Gage branding.

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Nicole Lee
Nokia N-Gage on a few phones
Nokia N-Gage is revived as a gaming platform Nokia

As part of its new Ovi brand of Internet services, Nokia is reviving the much-maligned N-Gage gaming platform in a new way. Instead of offering a hardware-based gaming system, Nokia is opening up a mobile gaming portal with the N-Gage branding. Once accessed, you can browse through a wide selection of game titles, download free trials, and finally purchase the games directly from Nokia. Nokia is also heavily promoting the community aspect of the new N-Gage platform, suggesting that you can connect and play with friends all over the world, as well as keep track of global gaming stats. As with the Music store, you can either purchase the game over the air or download it to your PC first. And these aren't just any ordinary games, either. Gaming titles include popular ones such as EA Sports' FIFA 08, The Sims 2 Pets, Tetris, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and Crash Bandicoot. A host of different gaming companies have jumped on board, such as Capcom, Digital Chocolate, EA, Gameloft, Glu Mobile, Vivendi Games Mobile, and more, signifying the availability of additional games in the future.

Initial pricing per game will range between $8.16 and $13.60 (6 and 10 euros), or alternatively, daily and weekly licenses are available at lower prices. Supported phones include the Nokia N73, the Nokia N81, the Nokia N81 8GB, the Nokia N93, the Nokia N93i, the Nokia N95, and the Nokia N95 8GB, with more planned in the future. The service will debut in November 2007.