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Nokia sniffs at Apple after Apple, um, borrows iPhone movie

After Apple re-edits a movie about people lined up to buy an iPhone 5S, shows the recut film internally, and gives no credit to the filmmaker, Nokia decides to send the auteur a gift.

Aw. It's nice when someone cares.
Casey Neistat/Instagram

You know those friends who borrow things and never give them back?

Well, Apple was accused last week of taking a New York filmmaker's movie about people waiting in line to buy the iPhone 5S; chopping it about a bit; changing the music; and showing it to its staff.

Oh, and as The New York Times reported it, the filmmaker's credit was removed.

Well, it wasn't his film anymore, was it?

The peculiar thing about this tale is that the filmmaker, Casey Neistat, is actually something of an Apple fan-person (though not always). And his movie, "The Dark Side of the iPhone 5S Lines" was extremely popular, enjoying almost 4 million YouTube views. (I have embedded the original, because I'm like that.)

Neistat told the Times: "I've never had my work stolen so adversely as this. They stripped all my branding off it and put their own name on it in such a harsh way."

Apple? Harsh? Who could believe such a thing? (I have contacted Apple to wonder whether it might softly enlighten.)

Thankfully, someone has come forward to try and make Neistat feel a touch better. Astoundingly, it's Nokia, which has delighted of late in pinching Apple's self-satisfied cheeks and suggesting that the colorful iPhone 5C owes more than a little something to Nokia's own rainbow-hued handsets.

As Neistat posted to his Instagram account, the company has sent him a brand-new Lumia 1020.

What was even more charming than the gift, however, was the note enclosed.

It read: "Casey -- We know it sucks when you have your ideas ripped off...Stay original, Casey, and we hope you will consider capturing some new moments on this. If you're into it, let's do something together!" Truly, Your friends at Nokia."

Of course, this is a very sweet marketing touch by Nokia.

However, some might wonder what it would have hurt for Apple to at least credit Neistat with the images he had shot.