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Nokia reveals the BH-905, a noise-canceling stereo Bluetooth headset

Nokia has announced the BH-905, which it claims to be the world's best stereo Bluetooth headphones due to its multiple microphones for noise-canceling.

Nokia BH-905
Nokia BH-905

Last week, Nokia launched what it's calling its best stereo headset yet last week, because it has active noise cancellation in both music and calls. The Nokia BH-905 comes equipped with a total of 10 microphones; eight for canceling noise and two for speech in noisy environments. The headset itself is made with stainless steel and soft ear pads for both strength and comfort. If your device doesn't have Bluetooth, the BH-905 also comes with a wired connections for 3.5mm Nokia AV and 2.5mm Nokia AV, a standard 3.5mm jack, home stereos with a 6.3mm jack, and airplane players. It'll be available starting this August for around 285 Euros, or around $394 US.