Nokia launches camera phone contest

The person who can take the best photo using a megapixel camera will take home the top prize.

CNET News staff
Nokia wants to prove that camera phones are for more than just snapshots.

The handset heavyweight on Tuesday announced a photography competition in which the entrants have to use a camera phone to capture images.

The See New competition is designed to "encourage people to explore the possibilities of camera phone photography," Nokia said. It's not as if consumers need much prompting to buy cell phones with built-in cameras, however: Market researchers expect that sales of camera phones will soon outstrip sales of low-end digital cameras.

Nokia has a vested interest in the publicity the competition might generate, of course--like its rivals, it offers a number of camera phones. The company's lineup includes the flagship N90 model, which offers 2-megapixel resolution.

Images in the See Now competition must be taken with megapixel cameras. The contest is open to people 18 and older, and the deadline for entries is Dec. 16.

Judges include photographers Juergen Teller, American Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, Nick Waplington of the U.K., India's Raghu Rai and China's Jiancheng Dong. The winner will get a chance to spend a day assisting the photographers on a photo shoot.