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Nokia axes N810 WiMax Edition Internet Tablet

A lack of WiMax penetration may have doomed the device.


Less than a year after being publicly unveiled, Nokia is stopping production of its spunky N810 WiMax Edition Internet tablet, probably because there's not as much WiMax penetration as would be needed. The N810 without WiMax is still being produced.

You can still find them on the Web, however. I've used an N810 WiMax Edition and it's a good little device. It's compatible with Clearwire's WiMax system and fits somewhere between an iPhone and a Netbook in an interesting niche that might explode this year.

There are rumors that both Microsoft and Apple are working on similar devices (Microsoft's based on the Surface technology; Apple's a blown-up version of the iPod Touch), but it's still too early to say that such devices--if they ever exist--will use WiMax.

If they do, we could see another WiMax tablet from Nokia, but we're not making any bets yet.