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Nobel prize winning idea--now in a face cream!!

Take years off with nanocream

Who says marketing and science don't mix.

Zelens is selling skin creams whose active ingredient is C60, the soccer ball shaped molecules constructed out of 60 carbon atoms. Fullerene C60 led to Nobel prizes in chemistry for the individuals that first crafted the molecule.

Finding a practical, commercial application for C60, however, has been tough. Many companies have concentrated instead on its more elongated cousin, the carbon nanotube. Still, some in the medical field continue to work with C60. (Fullerene refers to the shape of the molecule.)

Zelens says that their face creams can neutralize free radicals 100 times more effectively than vitamin E. The cream made for night use also stimulates the cells that produce collagen. The company's creams also contain other ingredients.

A 30 milliliter jar of the day cream costs 135 pounds, while a same sized jar of the night cream costs 150 pounds.

Some have raised the issue that nanotechnology could create health problems for people. Many, if not most, nano scientists believe that these health issues do need to be thoroughly explored. Many nano products--such as stain free pants--will mostly be dangerous to those who work with them in factories, but others will put loose nanoparticles in direct contact with humans.

Personally, I like nano products, and if I die, I'll at least be in neatly pressed pants in my coffin.