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No more lives for GoLive

Adobe finally lets its unloved Web-design tool rest in peace.

Registered users of Adobe software received the following note today in their in-boxes:

Please take note that Adobe has discontinued development and sales of Adobe GoLive Web authoring software. This decision--effective April 28, 2008--was made so we can focus our development efforts and sales resources on Adobe Dreamweaver software, our Web design and development application.

Dreamweaver plays a pivotal role in the Web and cross-media workflows supported by Adobe Creative Suite, as well as in Adobe's platform for Rich Internet Applications, including Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR. Concentrating on Dreamweaver will enable us to better serve the needs of customers who want to create engaging Web sites and applications.

Adobe bought GoLive in 1999--then called CyberStudio--to be its WYSIWYG Web-authoring product, but the software never really took off; if memory serves, it generated pretty ugly code at a time when round-trip editors like Dreamweaver (then owned by Macromedia) were coming into vogue. When Adobe dropped GoLive from the Creative Suite after the Macromedia acquisition, many of us knew the program was doomed. Adobe was just the last to admit it.