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No more Buzz Out Loud newsletter

We are getting rid of the Buzz Out Loud newsletter starting next Monday, February 18.

We are getting rid of the Buzz Out Loud newsletter starting next Monday, February 18. There wasn't a huge amount of recipients of the newsletter, and when we asked about it on the show, most people who responded said that they wouldn't mind subscribing to the blog feed in its place.

First of all, you can always find the RSS feed for this blog in the right-hand column of this page. To save you some time, here it is as well.

You can subscribe to the feed using any newsreader that you prefer. Once the blog is updated with the latest episode information, you will then get the show notes and download link. However, if you prefer to have the show notes emailed to you as the newsletter has been, I have tested out a few services that I can recommend.

RSS FWD is a service that allows you to enter in a feed, then your email address, and it will email the posts to you within about an hour or two of it's posting. FeedBlitz does the same thing, however it gives you the flexibility to do things like schedule the delivery of the blog, as well as a host of other personalization options. It does require you to sign up for a free account, however, so keep that in mind.

One more change you will see in the show notes posted to this blog is that I will be adding the unedited show notes to the blog post from the moment I publish the podcast in the morning. Before, we were waiting for copy-edit to go over the show notes and then a production team to construct the HTML code to make it look nice. We will still be running the show notes through those processes, but while we wait for those steps to take place, I will go ahead and include what we have at the onset in the initial post. This will ensure that, if your feed reader catches an early version of the new episode post, you will not risk receiving a version of the post that doesn't include the show notes. Besides, we've had people asking for earlier show notes for a long time. Hopefully this appeases that call.