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No love in an elevator when riding with 80 people

Mitsubishi Electric has built five giant elevators, each with a carrying capacity of 80 people, in an office building in Osaka.

Mitsubishi Electric

If you sometimes feel like a lemming at work, at least you don't have to ride an elevator to the office with 79 other lemmings. That's the lot of those who toil at the new Umeda Hankyu Building in downtown Osaka, Japan. They get to work via five giant elevators, each with a capacity of 80 people.

Mitsubishi Electric's people movers can carry up to 400 people altogether. With each bearing loads of nearly 6 tons, they're the largest-capacity elevators in Japan. They measure 11x9 feet, which is about the size of a lower-end apartment in Japan, and are 8.5 feet high.

The Umeda Hankyu Building's lobby.

The lifts are designed to shuttle workers from the lobby to the 15th floor of the skyscraper, where office space begins. Once there, they get to choose from 18 other elevators to reach their cubicles. Mitsubishi has installed a total of 25 elevators in the tower.

Offices in the 41-story landmark began opening in early May. The tower is right next to Umeda Station, which is used by about 2.5 million people every day. The lower 15 floors are the new home of the Umeda Hankyu flagship department store, slated for a grand opening in 2012.

Looking on the bright side of things, workers crammed in at the back of the turbo lifts might get lucky enough to snag a window spot, offering views of Japan's third-largest city.

If they're unlucky, the power will go out.

(Via Gizmag)