Nio prevents lost or stolen phones, laptops, kids

Nio is a Bluetooth security tag that links any of your belongings.

In addition to letting loose a string of expletives, those who have lost a phone or been a victim of phone thievery have probably reacted with the following: "Nooooo! My contacts!"

Tenbu Technologies

Mobile innovator Tenbu Technologies has come up with Nio, a Bluetooth security tag that links to any of your belongings. If your laptop, phone, keys, or even child move out of range, an alarm sounds.

The gadget has the potential to save your items and the valuable information they carry, like contacts.

How exactly does it work? Attach Nio to your keys, laptop bag, or other belonging you need to secure. The tag is linked to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone running the Nio software. Once you step out of the predefined security zone, an alarm is triggered.

The lowest security zone setting will let you wander about 65 feet before the alarm goes off. High security restricts movement to only a few feet away. This could be useful if you're traveling by plane and are worried that you might doze off, leaving your belongings exposed.

Ben Hounsell, director of Tenbu Technologies, sees resellers bundling Nio with mobile phones or insurance plans.

Nio is already available for $70, so if you're interested in securing several devices, it can get pricey. However, it beats replacing a lost or stolen item (particularly if you're the forgetful type.)

See a demonstration video of Nio below.