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Nintendo nuptials feature wedding cake disguised as gaming console

Newlyweds celebrate their special day with a cake that looks good enough to play. Crave chats with the baker about the inspiration behind this tasty tribute to Nintendo.

Level up with a wedding cake that pays homage to NES and Tetris. Cara Mia Cake

If your romance revolves around gaming, why not skip the traditional three-tiered wedding cake and commemorate your love with a cake that looks exactly like the original Nintendo Entertainment System, complete with a Tetris game cartridge?

That's exactly what a geeky bride and groom from Melbourne, Australia, chose to do for their own wedding cake. This delectable Nintendo cake was created by Australia-based baking team Cara and Andrew Tonkin of Cara Mia Cake.

"The inspiration for the cake was actually the bride's idea," Cara Tonkin told Crave. "She had a fun wedding and wanted a cake that represented a memory from the beginning of their relationship. They would play Tetris for hours on an NES and she always won. It was 10 years ago. Their wedding vows also included 'by the power of Grayskull,' so it was definitely a fun day."

The cake itself is chocolate separated with layers of white chocolate cookies and cream ganache. It's covered in dark chocolate ganache to keep it looking smooth while maintaining its structure. It's then covered in thin layers of fondant.

The most challenging parts in making the cake included "getting the proportions correct, the cake's sharp edges and the air vents on top," Tonkin told Crave. "We wanted to make sure it looked as close to the real console as possible."

The cake does indeed look as though you could pop in the game cartridge and start playing a round of Tetris. Tonkin told Crave that the best part about having made the cake is "the fact that so many people have actually not believed it was a cake. That has been the biggest compliment."

While this NES cake is actually the first geeky wedding cake Cara Mia Cake has made so far, they have another unusual cake request from a soon-to-be-married couple.

"We are doing a Whovian-inspired wedding cake next month," Tonkin told Crave, adding that they've done similar cakes in the past, but not for a wedding. "We've also previously done a foot-high Tardis, a 25 centimeter high Dalek, a Halo Master Chief Helmet, a Spider-Man bust and a Venom bust. And we have some awesome geeky cakes booked in over the next few months."

We can't wait to see what the talented duo bake next.