Nintendo helps moms cook, lose weight, be more maternal

The latest Nintendo DS Lite bundle arrives, this one targeting mothers.


Gamers and geeks, step aside. It's Mom's turn to jump on the gaming bandwagon. On Monday, Nintendo announced a new DS Lite bundle, clearly tailored to the interests of middle-aged women.

At the usual $149.99, the bundle includes a lime green console, a matching carrying case, and Personal Trainer: Cooking. Those who tend to buy into gender stereotypes can already preorder the bundle just in time for Mother's Day on Amazon. Don't forget to add on My Weight Loss Coach and Imagine: Babyz while you're at it.

In the past couple of years we've seen a Nintendogs bundle for kids, a Brain Age bundle for the old timers, and other age-specific packages in between. As with all tech toys, every newly designed DS makes the last seem so passe. The lime green console itself has "geek chic" written all over it and--though I'm not a mom--I may just have to grab one for myself.

The bundle will be available at all retail locations on May 3.