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Nintendo goes big on 3D with 3DS XL

Pixar puts a new twist on animation tech, Android users flip over popular iOS app, and Nintendo supersizes the 3DS.

It's time to live large, change your fate and flip out:

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Nintendo just ordered up a supersized version of the 3DS. Going on sale on August 19 for $200, the 3DS XL is 90% larger than the original 3DS. Nintendo could have taken this product in a new direction for gamers by using the extra space to add a second analog stick. But no, the XL has the same design as the 3DS. It's also a bit odd that Nintendo didn't announce this two weeks ago at E3.

So who would want the 3DS XL? Larger screens can be easier on the eyes, and gives you more screen room for drawing with art applications. It's also easier to view at a distance if you watch movies with Netflix or if you use tutorial programs for working out or cooking. I liked the size of the DSi XL when I got to spend time with it two years ago, however this version will be slightly larger.

Pixar is changing the fate of curly hair in animation. The animation studio developed new hair simulation software (called Taz, after the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes) to create the perfect bounce and flow of each corkscrew curl on Princess Merida's head. And it looks incredible.

The latest word on Microsoft's Surface tablet is that the first models will only have Wi-Fi and no mobile connection option. That comes from Bloomberg; Microsoft's kept quiet about these details.

A Pew survey shows that most people are not aware that they can check out e-books from the library. If you want to give it a whirl, check out our how-to video for downloading library books on an e-reader.

The first smartphone to get Android 4.1, called Jelly Bean, looks to be the Galaxy Nexus. But what about a Jelly Bean tablet? Expect to hear more about a Google Nexus tablet Wednesday at Google's developers conference.

The popular news-reader app Flipboard is now available on Android phones, as well as the Kindle Fire and Nook. The app pulls in the story feeds from your social networks and favorite news sources, and presents them in a magazine layout. Just recently it added the option to pull in the feeds from your Google+ Circles.

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