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Nintendo 2DS handheld targets new crowd

The Wii U Deluxe and Nexus 4 drop in price, Nintendo's portable system takes a new shape, and Angry Birds "Go" after Mario Kart.

CNET Update needs a bigger pocket:

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In this episode of Update:

- Spend $50 less on Nintendo's Wii U Deluxe when a new bundle comes out for $300 on September 20.

- See if there's an appetite for the cheaper Nintendo 2DS portable system -- which happens to be less portable than the 3DS. (The Internets have not been kind.)

- Save $100 on the unlocked Nexus 4 smartphone, now starting at $200. (Don't be surprised if a Nexus 5 crops up later this year.)

- Read up on the new Kindle challengers from Kobo, the e-ink Aura and three color Arc tablets.

- Marvel at grown men in bird costumes driving go-karts in a teaser for the new Angry Birds Go game.


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