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Nine Inch Nails open sources its music

Even music can be open source...sort of.

Well, sort of. Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails or NIN) was up above it. Now he's down in it.

Open source, that is. No, NIN hasn't started giving away its source code, but it has created an album based on a compilation of remixes done by NIN fans. Eliot @ Wired discovered this stroke of genius. And no, it's not a terrible lie but yes, some people have a head like a hole. (OK, enough waxing poetic with my downward spiral of old NIN songs)

Apparently Reznor then certified the binaries and blessed them as Nine Inch Nails. Or something. Maybe he's been doing too many shows in Raleigh, North Carolina lately....

Speaking of free, The Times of London has made me a Libertines fan. Sunday's paper had a free "Best of Indie" CD in it, and now I'm buying The Libertines a'plenty. Funny how free, done right, turns into lots of not-so-free purchases. Smart bands (and developers) in the know grok this, and profit from it.