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Nine clever Siri hacks, tips, and tricks

Siri and the iPhone 4S have been out for over a month now, giving users and hackers plenty of time to make the most of Siri.

Apple Inc.

iPhone 4S users, developers and hackers alike have had plenty of time to learn the inner workings of Siri.

The end result gives us some great tricks and impressive hacks to use with Siri. Here's a list of nine tips, tricks, and hacks for Siri on your iPhone 4S

Getting Siri to understand you

How to make Siri use punctuation
Siri may listen relatively well, but she doesn't do too well with grammar, especially when it comes to using punctuation. Learn how to get Siri to use punctuation

How to improve Siri by using phonetic names
Siri doesn't understand some words, more importantly names, even when you speak slowly. With an extra field in a contact card, you can used a phonetic name to help Siri better understand you.

Siri commands

How to update Twitter or Facebook with Siri
By using Siri to send a text message, you can easily update your Twitter or Facebook status.

Five hidden tricks for making the most of Siri
Though there are many lists of the different commands you can give Siri, each one leaves a few of them out. While this list doesn't contain them all, it does contain five commands you have to use.

Siri on devices other than the iPhone 4S

Siri now flirting with older iPhones--for real
Hackers are determined to crack the code and get Siri working on iOS devices other than the iPhone 4S. They are getting closer daily.

Developer ports Siri to iPhone 3GS
Developers were able to port Siri to the iPhone 3GS, and while it isn't a great working port, it does show the progress being made.

Keep Siri secure

Make Siri more secure (video)
Siri can pose a potential security risk, even if you have a lock code enabled on your device. Watch this video to learn the secret to making Siri more secure.

Fun hacks

Control Siri from across the room
If you aren't sure who Hal is, ask Siri. Once you have been filled in, check out this post with a working Hal replica: Iris 9000.

Developer coaxes Siri to raise, lower his temperature
With some ingenious engineering, a developer has figured out how to have Siri control various objects in his house. If you are a developer and have a few extra hours to follow the hack, this is made for you.