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Nikon's newest Kutchercam: the Coolpix S80

A high-resolution touch screen and HD movie capture highlight the latest Nikon glam cam.


Judging by the user reviews for the Coolpix S70, people either loved it or wanted to find a Nikon executive nearby so they could personally smash them in the face with it. Its update, the Coolpix S80, hopefully inspires more of the former and less of the latter with a new touch-screen display and interface and some extra shooting features.

The camera body is redesigned and slightly slimmer, but still packs a 3.5-inch OLED touch screen, though this time around it has an 819K-dot resolution. To minimize screen clutter while shooting, Nikon uses a tabbed interface, which is good because as with previous versions the screen is used for everything but power. (I haven't seen the interface, but I imagine it's like other tabbed interfaces where you slide shooting options out from the sides of the screen. Nikon says they'll rotate with the camera, too, so you can more easily shooting vertically.)

The resolution is now 14 megapixels, which won't really help the photo quality at all. But it is paired with Nikon's Expeed C2 image processing engine that Nikon says is custom optimized for each Coolpix camera. Up front is an internal 5x f3.6-4.8 35-175mm-equivalent lens; that's not all that exciting, but at least it has optical image stabilization.

Lastly, Nikon includes a 720p HD-resolution movie mode and a stereo mic--things that were completely missing from its $399 predecessor.

The Coolpix S80 will be available in fall 2010 for $329.95 in a choice of colors including red, black, blue, pink, gold, and silver/brown.