Nikon's new budget-priced Coolpix camera

Nikon has revealed the Coolpix L18, a budget-priced 8-megapixel shooter.

Will Greenwald
Nikon Coolpix L18

While it doesn't feature an ultracompact metal body like the new Coolpix S-series cameras, or the viewfinder and manual controls of the new Coolpix P60, Nikon's new budget-priced Coolpix L18 stands out as the most affordable of Nikon's new cameras.

The colorful, 8-megapixel L18 sports a large 3-inch LCD screen, a surprising feature in a sub-$150 camera. Besides the large screen, however, the L18 offers a standard and unremarkable feature set, including a 3x optical zoom, 32 MB of built-in memory, and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 1,600. It draws power from two AA batteries, so you can choose between rechargeable batteries or cheaper, one-use lithium/oxy-nickel/alkaline cells. The Coolpix L18 ships in March with a suggested retail price of $140. It will be available in a variety of colors, including red and blue versions.