Nikon offers to beef up buffers for D3 users

$500 nets you almost double the frame capacity during burst shooting.

(Credit: CNET)

Nikon has issued a service note with some nice news for D3 owners: for $500 and a trip to the service center--for your camera, not you--the company will take your D3 and double its burst raw (as well as big JPEGs and TIFF) shooting buffer capacity. A handy-dandy chart in the notice indicates, for example, that the buffer for 14-bit uncompressed full-resolution raw files will jump from 16 to 36 frames.

Cynics might claim that Nikon's doing this to leapfrog the Canon EOS-1D's 20-frame buffer, but I don't think sports, catwalk or wildlife shooters are going to care about the why. And as far as we know, this is the first time a manufacturer has offered a physical upgrade for a camera that wasn't a fix.