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Nikon D90 gets custom paint job

If any of you are savvy with soldering irons, understand electrical components well, and feel like painting your camera a bright shade of pink, this might be a good weekend project.

A friend asked me a few days ago if he should spray-paint his Canon EOS 500D white with black accents so it'll look like a Stormtrooper. I told that him an easier way would be to get the Pentax K-x, which comes in a similar shade. However, he has already invested in a Canon system, so the only way to get a white EOS 500D is to paint it.

I checked the Web and found a video that Hong Kong-based digital imaging Web site DigitalRev did something similar earlier this year. The crew dismantled a Nikon D90 and gave it a pink paint job. In the process of doing so, the presenter got zapped by the lingering electric current on the circuit board and ripped the LCD off. While the final product looks pretty decent and the camera appears functional, the rear display won't turn on and the pop-up flash cannot retract back into the shooter's body.

I showed my friend this video, which promptly put him off the idea of painting his Canon dSLR. But if any of you are savvy with soldering irons and understand electrical components well, perhaps this would make for a good weekend project.

(Source: Crave Asia via DIYPhotography.net)