Nikko's nerdtacular Star Wars R2-D2 gear

Nikko unveiled a new set of Star Wars-themed home electronics, including an R2-D2 DVD projector, an R2-D2 wireless Webcam, and a lightsaber-shaped VoIP handset.

Will Greenwald
2 min read

These are probably the greatest gadgets I've seen at all of CES. Massive HDTVs and supercharged game PCs are great, but they can't compare to products fashioned to look and act like the galaxy's greatest astrodroid.

Electronics company Nikko, best known for its remote-controlled cars, has announced a DVD projection system and a wireless, networked Webcam, both based on Star Wars' R2-D2. The nerd truly is strong in these ones.

The R2-D2 DVD Projector is a 480p home-theater projector that looks just like the beloved robot. The 20-inch-tall projector features built-in speakers, an iPod dock, a memory card slot, and even an FM transmitter to broadcast audio around the house. Best of all, the projector moves just like R2-D2. Using a Millenium Falcon-shaped remote control, the projector can be piloted around the home with its three, wheeled legs. Built-in safety sensors help prevent the droid from taking spills or bumping into objects. Most importantly, it sounds just like R2-D2, with 11 different beeps, boops, and whistles randomly playing when it's in motion.

The R2-D2 Wireless Web Camera is a similar geek-worthy marvel. The tiny Webcam is just over half a foot tall and communicates wirelessly with a computer. The wireless aspect is important, because the R2-D2 Webcam can roll around just like its big brother. Since it's networked, you can actually log in to the Webcam while you're out and pilot it around your house, using R2-D2 as your personal spy droid. Like the projector, the Webcam has built-in sensors to help prevent crashes and falls.

Finally, Nikko showed off a lightsaber-shaped USB handset for VoIP services like Skype. Modeled after Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in Star Wars: A New Hope, it doesn't look like the most comfortable USB phone. But its sound effects, lights, and sheer authenticity will make any fan proud to talk on it.

These gadgets might be cool, but they'll set you back a pretty penny. The R2-D2 DVD Projector will retail for at least $2,500. The R2-D2 Webcam and the lightsaber USB handset will be sold as a pack and will retail for about $350. True fans will have to wait a while: These truly impressive Star Wars gadgets won't ship until spring.