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Nike designer: 'Back to the Future' power laces due in 2015

The much-awaited self-lacing shoes from "Back to the Future, Part II" may come into existence soon.

Nike Air Mag
This 2011 version of the Air Mag is missing the power laces.

"Back to the Future" fans and sneaker fans pretty much freaked out in 2011 when Nike issued a limited number of Air Mag shoes designed after those from "Back to the Future, Part II." In the movie, Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly time travels all the way to 2015, rides a Hoverboard, and throws on some kicks with "power laces" that tighten automatically.

The power laces were conspicuously absent from the 2011 Air Mags, but we might not have to wait much longer for them to become a reality. Tinker Hatfield, a Nike designer famous for his Air Jordan contributions, was asked about power laces at a recent event in New Orleans. His answer, according to Sole Collector, was that we should see them next year.

The timing certainly makes sense, matching up with the movie's setting. There's no word yet on whether or not the power laces would come on a new edition of the Mag shoes or a different model of shoe entirely. One of the great disappointments with the 2011 shoes were the limited quantities. There were only 1,500 pairs to go around, leaving lots of unfulfilled demand in their wake.

A full-blown set of McFly shoes with working power laces would blow the Internet's mind if it actually happens. We'll just have to wait until 2015 to see if it comes true, along with whether or not the Cubs sweep Miami in the World Series.

(Via Bleacher Report)