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Nickelodeon thinks green with online multiplayer title

Nickelodeon will be launching an online multiplayer videogame to help raise awareness about going green and reducing your carbon footprint.


In an effort to educate and encourage action, Nickelodeon is set to release what could be the first ever online multiplayer video game that deals with environmental issues. As a component of the broader Big Green Help initiative, the game will tie together an overall theme that the company launched on Earth Day last April.

The Big Green Help Global Challenge will be available for download starting Sunday, and we were able to grab a sneak peek.

Everyone who wants to play the game must take a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. With that pledge comes a virtual checklist of changes that can be made such as "travelling by foot, bike, etc., instead of by car for four miles each week." At the end of every gaming session, players can track their progress and see how they are making an impact. Keep reading for more on the title including a gameplay video.


The game itself is impressive. A small download onto your PC or Mac gives you a fully 3D third-person-shooter where you must help "green" the last three pollution-free cities on the planet. This is done so by eliminating the carbon-producing enemies of the game such as "Guzzlor," a gas-guzzling tractor-trailer, "Bulb Bot," an energy-wasting light bulb monster, and "Carbon Creeper," a giant scorpion of unrecycled trash. Each villain is given a health point count, very similar to how many RPG video games are set up.

Gamers can choose to play through nine levels as one of four Nicktoon characters--SpongeBob SquarePants; Back at the Barnyard's Otis; The Fairly OddParent's Timmy Turner; and Avatar's Aang--all of which are beautifully rendered in 3D. You'll be able to join in with other players online, cooperatively taking on the challenge as a team. The game controls just like any third-person title you've seen before, allowing for easy pick-up-and-play.

We really like the idea of using a video game to help raise awareness about global environmental issues affecting our world. The most important factor in the movement toward a cleaner planet is undoubtedly education, and, hopefully, The Big Green Help Global Challenge will be able to convey that message to the population that needs it the most--our youth.

Check back here tomorrow for the direct link to download The Big Green Help Global Challenge.