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Nibble on the dark side with a Death Star waffle maker

Breakfast just got more dramatic with hot waffles modeled after Darth Vader's much-feared spacecraft of doom.

Death Star Waffle Maker
Breakfast has never looked so dangerous.

You're having Darth Vader over for brunch. You have bantha tartare, wampa sausages and Mandalorian mimosas on the menu, but you need a tour de force entree to really impress your Sith friend. You reach for your Death Star Waffle Maker, buttermilk batter and some squid ink. You're welcome, Lord Vader.

ThinkGeek's exclusive Star Wars-tastic waffle maker turns out a 7-inch (18-centimeter) round waffle imprinted with the iconic look of the planet-blasting Death Star spacecraft.

The Death Star is round. Many waffles are round. Star Wars fans need to eat. It's a perfect marriage between breakfast and geekdom.

The $39.99 (it only ships to the US and Canada, but converted, that's about £26, AU$56) waffle maker uses nonstick cast aluminum cooking plates that embed the same image on each side. The Death Star's design makes for an ideal set of indentations to capture invading maple syrup and provide containment for fresh berries and whipped cream.

The Death Star waffle maker may turn out to be Darth Vader's greatest recruiting tool: Come join the Galactic Empire's fighting forces and enjoy fresh, space-made waffles topped with blackberry syrup with a side of disturbance in the Force. Made with love and a blind devotion to the principles of the dark side. Bon appetit!

This isn't the first Star Wars-related kitchen gadget to cross over into our universe. A Darth Vader toaster already imprints the Sith Lord's helmet onto bread. Haier Asia showed off a rolling R2-D2 mini-fridge earlier this year. Cooking with Star Wars also appeals to DIY makers. An artist turned a KitchenAid mixer into a Boba Fett-themed cooking aid. Be sure to use your lightsaber cutlery when you sit down to eat your bounty of bounty-hunter baked goods.

Perhaps the Jedi contingent will come out with some breakfast alternatives to counteract the Death Star Waffle Maker. Han Solo frozen in croissants. Chewbacca chilaquiles. Jar Jar blintzes. Yo-doughnuts. X-wing fritters. Mmm. I think I'll have brunch with Luke Skywalker.