NFL star: I got death threats on Twitter

Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars posts comments critical of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. In response, Twitter posters threaten his life, as well as wishing him injury.

Sometimes it's hard to choose which social-networking site fully encapsulates man's generosity to man.

I wanted to plump for Facebook. Its depth of friending possibilities allegedly led one woman to attempt to drive over her cousin; her cousin had managed to become friends with someone whom the driver had not.

However, I have now decided that it is Twitter, thanks to the recent activities of--and alleged death threats toward--Maurice Jones-Drew.

Should you not know the name, Jones-Drew is a fine running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, on Sunday, he was one of quite a few current and former NFL stars who took to Twitter to criticize Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Jones-Drew appeared to believe that Cutler should not have removed himself from a championship game against the Green Bay Packers because of a knee injury. He offered a couple of critical tweets, one mentioning the dreaded concept of quitting. Perhaps the most personal tweet read: "All I'm saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee...I played the whole season on one..."

He claimed, subsequently and a little unconvincingly, that he was joking.

It seems that some people, perhaps fans of the Chicago Bears who were slightly disgruntled with their loss to the Packers, decided that Twitter was the place to respond to Jones-Drew's humor (or not).

Some, electing to exercise their quaint interpretation of free speech, wished him ill. A sample, retweeted by Drew, read: "RT @gabrield91: @Jones_Drew32 you wont ever apologize cause you dont know how to apologize, insecure #!@%*# diva. #!@%*# you, i hope you tear your knee again.<---- God bless... I wish you the best."

Others, according to Jones-Drew, offered him a swift end to his life.

Naturally, it's a little hard to understand why players feel the need to waft onto Twitter and offer opinions that might flirt with people's feelings, especially about something as vital as football. But perhaps some will have sympathy with Jones-Drew. As he tweeted yesterday: "I guess death threats towards me and my family isn't head line news but me tweeting my opinion about a person is... The society is backwards I guess we haven't came far enough as human beings."

The society does, indeed, seem a little backward. Fortunately, we now have social networking to remind us precisely the way in which the world is facing.