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NFL logos for your laptop

Decorating your laptop isn't the important thing. It's the only thing

Showing that you were a football fan in the past was easy and inexpensive. You just had to paint your naked torso blue and silver and then yell for two hours in the shivering ambience of Cleveland in the winter.

Now, you have to go the distance, and this includes dressing up your laptop. For $29.95, Skinit will decorate the outside of your laptop with the logo of your favorite NFL team. The company is working with Circuit City too, so when you buy a laptop there you can buy the decoration. You can get a personal photo too, but, seriously, when was the last time your family made it to the playoffs.

This goes on your laptop Skinit

The company does not show a laptop adorned with a picture of bellicose, buzzcut-ted Vince Lombardi himself, but if you have one, you could do that too. Then people would know not to mess with your laptop. And it would make you popular with chicks. Really.

Expect more target marketing from Skinit. Personally, I'm waiting for the "Heroes of Masterpiece Theater" or "Mr. Peanut, Quisp and Other Brand Icons" series.