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Nexus S launch ad: Pure Google or pure Zappos?

The Nexus S, which claims to offer pure, unadulterated Google, is launched with an ad that features many, many pairs of shoes. Is this pure, unadulterated weird?

As Julian Assange has so heartily proved over the last few weeks, purity is scarce.

There is, therefore, a considerable heart skip that accompanies the launch of the new Nexus S from Google. For this is a phone that offers nothing but the very essence of Google, without even bothering to throw in a free gourmet lunch.

The launch brings with it an ad (yes, every so-called promotional video is an ad) that makes me want to thrust on my trousers and shop.

The only slight issue is that it moves me not to Best Buy but rather to You see, this ad is full of some of the most delightful, quirky, stylish, and versatile shoes that I have seen in some time. And I find myself staring at them, wondering which ones to choose and whether Zappos will have my size.

This might not be the first purpose of the ad. But then again, every ad places the product in some kind of cultural context. Those with fine, young cultural antennae will be able to see that folks who wear fine, young cultural shoes should definitely be clutching a fine, young, cultural phone.

Apple has shown the way in the use of the lower body to entice. Its launch of the iPad featured the thighs and feet of the mightily trendless, those who dress in an everyday manner because they know that magical revolution comes not from Miu Mius but from gadgets.

Perhaps this ad's creators wish to emulate the lower body's selling power. They happen to be the same folks who brought you that finely demented 10-minute ad for Google Mobile. You know, the one in which a nice man had one mere word of dialogue-- "pizza"--but was forced to say it to the borders of infinity.

I have yet to clutch the Nexus S and take it for a walk. However, I will have to wait a little longer, as I must hop online now and order a pair of those really cute black sandals.