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Nexus 5 rumor mill churns out word of an LG G2 cousin

The latest hubbub again points to LG as a likely manufacturer of the next Android reference design, despite what the company's own executives say.

A possible preview of the Nexus 5?
Sarah Tew/CNET

With the Moto X hitting the general public in less than a week now, naturally it's time to recalibrate the rumor mill to grind out speculation about Google's next big smartphone move: the anticipated Nexus 5.

The latest tidbit comes from Vietnam (a hotbed of smartphone manufacturing -- Samsung's plant there is one of the largest in the world) and the bloggers at Tinh te. The Tinh te bloggers, who have been accurate with leaks in the past, claim to have the scoop on a new Nexus design from LG that will be very similar to the recently unveiled G2.

The specifics include a 5.2-inch screen, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and a thin build -- all in a device the site refers to as a Nexus 5.

And yet, you might recall a few months back when an LG executive reportedly said the company has no plans to build a Nexus 5 (and apparently then partially walked back the comment, clarifying that LG wasn't working on a Nexus 5 at the moment but could be open to the idea). Perhaps what's really going on here is a leak of a planned Google Play edition of the G2? Seems feasible, except that LG has also said it has no plans to release such a device, either.

An LG G2-based Nexus phone also runs counter to another recent rumor, that Motorola will build the next Android reference device.

So the Nexus soap opera continues. We should know more this fall, when Android 5.0 is finally unveiled.

(Via Android Headlines)

Updated at 11:55 a.m. to add information on the LG executive's clarification of comments about working on a Nexus 5.